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GreenGeeks is one of the most sought after hosting companies online today. Their unique approach to offering environmentally friendly hosting is what sets them apart from other brands. Whether it’s their wide range of hosting options or their top of the line features, GreenGeeks stands out as a company of quality who delivers nothing but reliable hosting options. The company launched back in 2008 and became the leading green energy hosting provider on the web. Bashed out of California, they provide quality service to customers from more than 150 countries. Providing different options ranging from VPS to Dedicated server packages, you are sure to find an option that suits your budget and goals.


GreenGeeks Coupons

Why You Should Go Green

As shocking as it may be, your website online can mega timely impact the environment. Your site actually has a carbon footprint. A web hosting server actually pulls energy from the grid, and plenty of that energy comes mainly from fossil fuels. Every server produces about 1290 of CO2 every year. With more than tens of millions of servers all across the globe, it is estimated to grow more than 400% each year. Going green is your best bet for saving the environment and also providing your site with top notch quality while still going green.

Features Of GreenGeeks

– Free Online Tools

Grabbing even jaut their most affordable plan already yields you a variety of features. The FREE site building tools will enable you to craft a site almost immediately and within a few hours. The drag and drop builder is a great feature because of its simplicity for building a site. The FREE marketing and SEO tools allow you to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines and also achieve more traffic. The free website migration and free domain name registration and/or transfer are also great benefits.

– Fast Websites

Expect to have a faster site with faster page loads, the real time security scanning and the built in PHO caching provides you with a faster website.

– They Love Providing Unlimited Options

The unlimited web space makes it easy to add in more content without the struggle of having to go for a more expensive plan. You can also have an unlimited number of domains on a single account.

– Quality Control

Whether it’s their secure emails counts, nightly backups, or the enhanced CPanel, they provide top of the line quality. In fact, they provide customer support 24/7 365 days in a year. There is also a money back guarantee for 30 days of joining in case you aren’t happy.

GreenGeeks is by far one of the best brands in the web hosting world. You can easily grab GreenGeeks discount coupons to help you save some money before you proceed to checkout. The company provides you with some of the most comprehensive systems in the world of web hosting. They have a wide range of options available which can enable you to find the right package that fits your budget and business needs. This is by far best Eco-friendly hosting company on the web today, and they are the perfect company to approach if you need quality hosting.

It is a world driven by the Internet and any business needs an attractive website to bring up and promote the organization’s ideals. To do this you need the help of a company that will help you make your website available on the Internet. This service is called web hosting service. There are various web-hosting services available right now. All you have to do is to approach them with your goal about web hosting. They will take care of making your website available on the internet and provide additional services like emails domains, downtime services, etc. Here we are provide the comparison between two web hosting services HostGator vs StartLogic, about their features and services.

Hostgator vs StartLogic

In the fight that hosts Hostgator vs StartLogic, looking at them simultaneously, you will notice that both these companies provide tempting promotional offers occasionally. These sales offers come around during the holiday seasons, but they are in the forms of account upgrades. In general their pricing is at the low end with $5.95 and $4.95 respectively. You can clearly decide which hosting company will suit your needs best at the end of this comparison.

The first attractive point about HostGator is that it offers services for Linux hosting customers. HostGator offers many popular control panels along with their web hosting service that includes both WHM and cPanel, whereas StartLogic has only the old vDeck control panel that makes it a little unattractive. In case you are looking for a company that will transfer your current website on a new host, but with the same control panel, you can blindly select HostGator as StartLogic does not support such services. The only place where HostGator is missed is in VPS Hosting, because only StartLogic supports VPS hosting. Both these web hosting companies offer dedicated servers, but HostGator always wins the game through its exceptional customer services.

Host gator provides features like Site Builder, 24×7 Support, Instant Backups, No Contract!, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee,45 Day Money Back ,Guarantee, Free / Instant Setup, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited MySQL Databases.

StartLogic provide features like Free Domain Name, vDeck 3.0 Control Panel, 30 Day Money Back, guarantee, No Setup Fee, Unlimited Number of Domains You Can Host, CGI-BIN, CGI Library, Perl Scripts, PHP 4 & 5, 25 MySQL Databases.

The verdict

From all the points mentioned above in Hostgator vs StartLogic, it is very obvious that HostGator provides better services compared to StartLogic. They are more customer-friendly in terms of offers and pricing and have long terms plans that every customer would dream of. If you have a website and you want to host it, it is advisable to choose HostGator. Various hostgator reviews on the Internet have apparently appreciated the services provided by HostGator whereas for StartLogic it is not as good as the former. In general, the clear fact is that HostGator provides better value to your time, money and business than StartLogic. This is because almost all the hosting requirements are met by both these service providers but only HostGator helps you achieve this goal with shorter contracts and lower costs.

Hostgator is a major webhosting company and several serious web marketers select it over others of its kind. It has various other amazing features including Hostgator discount, promo codes, and coupon codes. The Hostgator promo codes and Hostgator coupon codes may help you receive exciting benefits on purchase of webhosting packages at

Hostgator provides different webhosting packages and plans catering well to various webmaster businesses and requirements. They work in VPS, shared, and dedicated server hosting space. The customer may easily begin with small, and graduate to a bigger plan as their hosting needs increase. It has three shared webhosting plans-

Hatching Plan: The plan lets you host only a single website, although it comes with disk-space provision and unlimited bandwidth.

Baby Plan: With the plan, you may host unlimited domains on a single hosting account. Other features of disk space and unlimited bandwidth remain.

Business Plan: The plan provides more additional features than what you receive with Baby Plan, including free dedicated IP address, toll free business number and private SSL.

The best part concerning these different webhosting plans is that Hostgator doesn’t charge you anything when you need upgrading from any of the plans. It makes establishing out at any lower level plan quite simple and free of hassles.

Hostgator Hosting Features

Hostgator webhosting features provide linux hosting. They employ the most preferred control panel, called CPanel. This makes site administration tasks quite simple. You get also Fantastico script installer. You can basically install majority of the open source scripts barely with a few clicks. Hostgator webhosting offers complete support for SSH, PHP, Perl, MySQL, RoR(Ruby on Rails), and Python among others. You may also receive unlimited POP3 email accounts, together with Spam Assassin as well as Autoresponder.

Free-Goodies with Hostgator Hosting

It also provides great selection of freebies, allowing you to build easily and promote your website. All Gator webhosting plans come with free Sitebuilder tool which you may easily use to design a professionally looking website, with no HTML knowledge. Also, there are above 4,500 free available Website Templates. You also receive Google Adwords for credit of $100, that’s great in promoting your website once it’s established. One interesting feature it provides is free website transfer. They do also all transfer work of moving your website files, database and email accounts among others when you move from another webhost to Hostgator.

Excellent Customer Support

Hostgator offers top-quality technical support round-the-clock. You may raise tickets or contact them through live chat, email or phone. They normally reply back to your ticket within a couple of minutes, and almost normally answer the phone immediately. You may also get into chat sessions under a minute’s time with them. The team is highly skilled in solving technical issues, and the problems are often fixed almost immediately.

45-Day Full Cash Back Guarantee

Hostgator provides for the above days’ money back guarantee without any questions asked. They normally take only a single working day to process your refunds. When you choose leaving Hostgator, you will be refunded on prorated basis for your unused portion.

In conclusion, it can be easily concluded that Hostgator is a remarkable webhost that’s highly recommended and worth every cent you spend on their webhosting.


Having a steady and functional website is one of the major aspirations of any person or organization that owns a website. In essence, creating a website is a major milestone. However, having it running on the internet is the most important thing. It is with this in mind that one should look for a great webhosting company that has features which promote website stability and functionality. In a society where there are millions of webhosting companies, it can be quite challenging when it comes to getting the right company. In fact, this process can be a bit arduous when you are not sure about the company to engage. However, you do not have to worry about that when you have a Fatcow webhosting as your trusted partner. Some of the features that make Fatcow Webhosting Company to go for include the following.

Cloud storage: Fatcow clients get a chance to utilize cloud storage features. Every client gets an opportunity to experience or utilize 1GB of cloud storage. This storage capacity enables the user to store documents, photos, music and videos that are stored on the computer.

Friendly customer support: when you are looking for good webhosting company, among many other features, the first thing you should check is the customer support. This is due to the fact websites often run into web-related problems that require immediate intervention. Fatcow Webhosting Company has a friendly Moo Crew that operates on a 24/7 basis. You can get in touch with the support via email, online chat, or even phone. This makes it possible to get your problems fixed within the shortest time possible.

User friendly: Fatcow hosting company has user friendly features that make it possible to manage your website with ease. The customizable control panel makes it easy to operate and navigate through your website. In addition, the hosting company has made sure that the user has step by step tutorials that will make it possible to navigate and gain knowledge on how to manage your website.

Online store and selling options: Fatcow hosting services provides a variety of tools that help people who are carrying out online sales and trade to marketing and sell their products with ease. This is an important feature that creates an enabling ground for conducting business online. In addition, it enables that user to use features that promote the business.

Ecofriendly features: if you are conscious about the environment, this is the hosting company to consider. Fatcow’s offices are wind-powered, implying that they utilize wind energy to run their operations.

Networking features: at a small fee, you can be able to enjoy the social networking features. In an age where ranking is invaluable, Fatcow offers you a chance to link your website with leading social sites. You can reach new customers and end up growing your business through enhanced online presence using various marketing tools such as Facebook, Google AdWords, and Yahoo. As such, it is possible to connect and attract traffic to your site with much ease.

These are some of the features that make Fatcow to be a leading webhosting company when it comes to friendly features as well as great customer support.


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